Asterisk VoIP Security Webinar

Digium hosts a panel of experts to discuss issues in VoIP security. Join Special Agent Michael McAndrews of the FBI, Dan York of VOIPSA, along with Jared Smith and Tristan Degenhardt from Digium. Discover current trends in VoIP crime, best practices for securing your VoIP network, and in-depth details on Continue Reading

Windows 7 – Security Features

Whats New with Windows 7’s security features? Well let me tell you that you still need an AntiVirus software installed but thats nothing new. Watch the video for details. Click here for more Windows 7 tips. source

Three ways Mac users can get infected by the OSX/RSPlug Trojan horse

This video describes how Mac users can get infected by the OSX/RSPlug – DNSchanger Trojan horse. For more information about this trojan threat, visit our company blog : source

VoIP Security Roundtable (1 of 5)

VoIP Security Roundtable with Bob Bradley (Product Line Manager of Sonus Networks), Ken Kuenzel (Founder and CTO at Covergence), James Taylor (Director Sustaining Engineering of Global Crossing) and Stephane Teral (Principal Analyst at Infonetics Research.) (c) 2008 Stealth Communications. Recorded at Voice Peering Forum ( Part 1 of 5 source