Behind the Scenes of iOS Security

by Ivan Krstic With over a billion active devices and in-depth security protections spanning every layer from silicon to software, Apple works to advance the state of the art in mobile security with every release of iOS. We will discuss three iOS security mechanisms in unprecedented technical detail, offering the Continue Reading

QuadRoot Android Exploit OMG should you be worried!

QuadRoot Android Exploit Facts and should you be worried and what should you do to be safe from these exploits. Basic android security tips you should follow Android Central article Quadroot Scanner source

Windows 10 Security Vs Linux Mint Security – Linux Antivirus, Malware EP146

Anyone who uses Windows are used to Viruses, Malware, etc…but when you move over to Linux, do you still need Anti-Virus Security? ****HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BELOW. THX!!!**** For more Geek content check out: Support Support with Paypal Me: Save Time and Grow your YouTube Channel Continue Reading